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Stand Alone Power Plant System


(Clean-Green Prime/Base Load Power)

The Phoenix

Nano Accelerated    |    Hydro Dynamics Generator    |    Renewable - Reliable - Affordable

  • Stand Alone Power Plant for Pure Sine Wave Power
  • Capable of Parallel Operation with On or Off Grid Connection
  • Provides Prime / Base Load of Continual Power 24/7 - 365
  • Ideal as Standby / Peak Surge Power Plant
  • Usable to inject Grid Frequency (Components UL & GE certified for grid interception, and for sensitive equipment)
  • Uses No Fuel, Emits No Pollution and Produces No Waste
  • Ideal for power continuity during severe weather (including Hurricanes)

Innovative Design

Powerful Performance

Not your traditional generator, but tomorrow's power system - Today


Signature Energy's Phoenix Hydro Generator is a true "Stand Alone Power Pant" that produces continuous on-demand power for commercial and industrial operations with heavy surge demands.  It is a fixed Power System that operates on hydro kinetic principles.


The Phoenix Hydro Generator's breakthrough technology for the first time ever allows the production of electric hydro-power without Dam Structures or the gravitational forces of falling or flowing water.  It does so without fossil fuels input and without the emission of pollutants or the production of waste.  The Phoenix Hydro Generator produces electric currents using recyclable water, without "consuming the water" or any other natural resources.  The System can produce power as a single unit or in a synchronized and interconnected combination of multiple units to achieve the desired capacity.

Signature Energy Hydro Generator THE Phoenix


Models: Phoenix 125 kWh, 65 kWh, 35 kWh, 25 kWh


Power System Package Includes:


  1. The True Power Unit
  2. Optional On or Off Grid Converter for delivery of Pure Sine Wave
  3. Sound Attenuated Enclosure (ISO-9000)
  4. 3 Year Limited Warranty (with option to extend to 25 years)
  5. Qualifies for Federal Tax Incentives, Carbon Credits and amongst other benefits, it elevates your environmental stewardship.

** All of the Signature Energy Hydro Generator Models are manufactured by Valencia Energy and Power, Inc. **

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